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Art prints for your kitchen

Colin Cuthbert makes striking photographic images of vintage kitchen utensils. I had to stare at his photo of a cake stand for ages before I realised what it was. I think these would look good in any style of kitchen whether fifties retro, urban cool, or Victorian vintage. The one above is a flan tray, […]

The spreadsheet shopping list – sad or what?

This probably speaks volumes about my character… but I have a shopping list spreadsheet. I didn’t think this was anything unusual but other shoppers (in Waitrose, where else?) have been know to exclaim “what a great idea”, so I thought it was time to come out and share it.

Kitchen essentials – oils

Over the years I have found that there are some store cupboard ingredients that I couldn’t do without. I keep them to hand right next to where I’m cooking. There’s a big bottle of olive oil for everyday use, usually 100% extra virgin (although you can’t be sure of the true origin of extra virgin […]