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Parrot tulips are gorgeous…but which variety?

Yesterday I bought this stunning bouquet of parrot tulips. The flowers start out as tightly closed green buds, but as the buds open something magical happens. The tips of the petals start to transform themselves from green to clear bright yellow and then to brilliant scarlet. But here’s the thing… does anyone know what this […]

La Sfogliatella – little ‘lobster tails’

Salvo’s Italian restaurant in Leeds is an institution. I used to go there with friends back in the day when I was a textile design student at Leeds University rather too many decades ago, and thank goodness it’s endured. In fact, it’s even better because a few years ago they opened a delicatessen, ‘Salvo’s Salumeria […]

Sunday snow and Carrot Cake

As this is my first blog posting, I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Yesterday it snowed here in North Yorkshire; crisp, soft, clean white snowflakes, in a satisfying layer about 10cm thick. This morning the sun shone down out of a perfectly blue sky. So off we went for a walk in the […]

Hello world!

Having just set up this blog, I’m feeling my way. Please accept my sincerest apologies in advance for boring you, confusing you or otherwise causing a kerfuffle. Hopefully I will do none of these things as I go forwards into the world of blogs BUT, if you have any useful advice for a novice, please […]