La Sfogliatella – little ‘lobster tails’

Salvo’s Italian restaurant in Leeds is an institution. I used to go there with friends back in the day when I was a textile design student at Leeds University rather too many decades ago, and thank goodness it’s endured. In fact, it’s even better because a few years ago they opened a delicatessen, ‘Salvo’s Salumeria and Cafe’, right next door, which is where I discovered these amazing pastries.

We’d already eaten a platter of mozzarella, olives, huge sweet tomatoes, salty anchovies, rocket and ciabatta, but we were enticed by the waiter to have these with our coffee.

They are made by stretching the dough, brushing with butter, then folding and stretching again and again to make lots of crispy, flakey layers of wonderfully buttery pastry. Inside there’s an incredibly rich cream, which in this case was flavoured with vanilla, lemon or coffee. We managed to scoff one each, but I noticed that a more restrained couple at the next table had shared one between two. I guess we were just greedy.


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