Grow your own…

Grow your own / RHS Gardening.

For people like me who want to grow their own vegetables and fruit, but don’t have a clue, the Royal Horticultural Society website is invaluable. It advises you what to grow to suit the size of your garden and how much time you can spare for upkeep, and offers month by month advice on what you should be doing in the garden right now.
Even better, they have a clever iPhone app called Grown Your Own, which reminds you what to plant and when, and even alerts you when you need to water the plants.

So, armed with my app and a trowel I’ve just planted 2 varieties of garlic, some fennel, sage, flat leaf parsley, summer savory, Italian thyme and a horizontal rosemary. Yes, I realise these aren’t vegetables, but that’s next on my list.



  1. Shelley · · Reply

    An alert for when to water sounds like a very good idea indeed! You’ve just reminded me – Paula and I are going to bob a few herbs and leaves in the beds. I love the trailing rosemaries too – where did you get yours from?

    1. I bought all of today’s plants from a nice man in Harrogate farmers market. I could have bought more things but I couldn’t carry them..

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