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A friend has just recommended this wonderful website belonging to cook, food stylist and photographer Keiko. I’m sure all you foodie folk have heard of her, but she’s new to me. Her photography is exquisite, and her house is quite beautiful, so do feast your eyes on Nordljus. PS: Thank you Shelly at PASH for sharing […]

Aubergine and Pea Curry with Coriander Rice

This is a Gujarati curry known as Ringan Mattar. It is easy to prepare and only takes about 45 minutes from start to finish. You can play around with the recipe by replacing the aubergines with potatoes, or adding pan-fried paneer (an Indian cheese) just before serving. Aubergine & Pea Curry For 4 servings 1 large […]

Five minute supper – Goat’s Cheese Salad

In the past week I have cooked and eaten lots of delicious new dishes but we have been too quick to devour them before I could take photographs. So tonight, being equally time poor, I decided to assemble this simple, honest and tasty salad, which takes all of 5 minutes to concoct. There’s no set […]

Art prints for your kitchen

Colin Cuthbert makes striking photographic images of vintage kitchen utensils. I had to stare at his photo of a cake stand for ages before I realised what it was. I think these would look good in any style of kitchen whether fifties retro, urban cool, or Victorian vintage. The one above is a flan tray, […]

The spreadsheet shopping list – sad or what?

This probably speaks volumes about my character… but I have a shopping list spreadsheet. I didn’t think this was anything unusual but other shoppers (in Waitrose, where else?) have been know to exclaim “what a great idea”, so I thought it was time to come out and share it.

Blood Orange season

Hurrah. Tis the season for blood oranges. When there’s snow on the ground and temperatures below freezing, seeing blood oranges for sale really perks me up. They radiate sunshine. There are apparently three varieties: Sanguinello, Moro and Tarocco, all of which hail from Sicily, although the ones I bought this morning were grown in France. […]

My granola recipe

I adore granola. A few years ago I spent a day in the town of Antigua in Guatemala; jumble of crumbling sixteenth century colonial churches and buildings under the looming presence of the Volcan de Agua. Its on the hippie trail, so the place is full of fantastic eating houses and shops selling local crafts. […]