After days of constant rain and grey skies, we woke up to sunshine this morning. By mid afternoon it was positively hot in one corner of the garden so I thought I’d risk serving a late lunch outside. Salad flavours taste so much better when eaten outdoors with the sun on your back. We’ve just […]

Yesterday I bought this stunning bouquet of parrot tulips. The flowers start out as tightly closed green buds, but as the buds open something magical happens. The tips of the petals start to transform themselves from green to clear bright yellow and then to brilliant scarlet. But here’s the thing… does anyone know what this […]

Recently I’ve had no time for blogging, but I have made time for cooking, so I’ve built up rather a stash of photos and recipes to choose from. As the weather here is showing tantalising signs of spring, I find myself shunning the hearty winter dishes, and instead thinking about sunny Mediterranean flavours, especially olives […]

My goodness wasn’t it a gorgeous day today? The sky was clear blue as far as the eye could see, and it was hot! Well, it was about 17 degrees C which is pretty hot for March in Yorkshire. We seriously considered having lunch in the garden, but reflected that it was going a bit […]

Salvo’s Italian restaurant in Leeds is an institution. I used to go there with friends back in the day when I was a textile design student at Leeds University rather too many decades ago, and thank goodness it’s endured. In fact, it’s even better because a few years ago they opened a delicatessen, ‘Salvo’s Salumeria […]

Grow your own / RHS Gardening. For people like me who want to grow their own vegetables and fruit, but don’t have a clue, the Royal Horticultural Society website is invaluable. It advises you what to grow to suit the size of your garden and how much time you can spare for upkeep, and offers […]

Ligurian Fish Stew

We all have a special recipe that we’ve cooked time and time again over many years, tweaking and adjusting until it finally reaches that point of perfection when it becomes one of your ‘signature’ dishes; one that family and friends beg you to cook for them. This is one of mine… It began several years […]